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Asylum seekers’lives are on hold during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Arriving asylum seekers were temporarily unable to claim asylum and pending asylum procedures are – except for a pilot with remote video hearing – suspended. This raises the question what the current uncertainty means for those asylum seekers who have already been waiting very long for an outcome of their asylum claims.

25/03/2019 - 16:26 Abbie Boutkabout

Isaiah Lopaz is a writer and artist who is currently living and working in Brussels. We talked with him about 'Homegoing', the heart wrenching novel by Yaa Gyasi. The book traces the family lineage of two half-sisters. Effia becomes - against her will - the wife of the British governor of the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana. It’s a castle where enslaved people are being held before they are sold to western countries. Her half-sister Esi is being held captive in the castle before being sent to the United States. 

15/02/2019 - 13:41 Abbie Boutkabout

We sat down with Rachael Moore to discuss 'White Fragility', a must read book for anyone who is willing to deconstruct their way of thinking about black people and people of colour. But the book is also a very good resource for BPOC to understand the mechanisms behind why it's so difficult to talk about racism with white people.

23/05/2018 - 07:39 Jonas Slaats

Black Panther was greatly hyped as a ground breaking action movie that redefined the representation of black people in Hollywood. Yet perhaps it’s time for some thorough analysis and criticism. There's a whole list of reasons why Black Panther doesn't really challenge the norms and instead amplifies prejudices and stereotypes. Even more so: its underlying message is, in many ways, quite problematic.  

26/02/2018 - 13:10 Ico Maly

Facebook has been facing heavy criticism in the last few years. But Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 New Year’s resolutions to fix Facebook are bad news for anyone who cares about diversity in the field of media and democracy in general. A long read by Ico Maly.

20/12/2017 - 11:20 Maarten Loopmans

Still Looking for a nice - and a bit more serious - Christmas present? This graphic novel might be a good idea. Brigitte Findakly gives brillant personalized account of her experiences with discrimination and suppression. A unique piece of literature with an important message.

25/09/2017 - 21:25 Jan Blommaert

On 24 November 1991, a relatively new party called Vlaams Blok radically redefined the Belgian electoral landscape with a first massive victory at the polls. That 'Black Sunday' sent shock waves through the Belgian political system, and its effects are enduring.